One of the big trends in the construction industry today is being able to share data, as it relates to all aspects of the project. This includes BIM (building information modeling), project management, and other information needed for project collaboration. Technology providers continue to come to market with new solutions aimed at making data sharing easier.

Bluebeam Software,, Pasadena, Calif., for example, is constantly improving digital collaboration, with launches such as Bluebeam’s recent introduction of Revu 12. The new enhancements to the company’s flagship solution are of significant value to construction industry members, in terms of providing a forum for team input and effort on project documents, with easier connection from the office to the field.

What’s new with Revu 12? It’s ease of use and expanded capacity, as Capture gives users the ability to add multiple photos from the field or an image library to any markup. The Capture viewer allows users to easily click through all embedded images, and the photos display in PDF summary reports so team members can see more details.

Additionally, Revu’s 3D PDF features allow all project partners to get to not easily accessible places within 3D models that have been exported from Revit, Navisworks, SolidWorks, or any IFC file. With Revu 12’s new SketchUp Pro plug-in, users can now create 3D PDFs from SketchUp Pro to leverage all of Revu’s 3D markup and navigation functionality for faster issue resolution.

Other benefits include faster access with the newly improved AutoMark in Revu 12, which allows users to create bookmarks and page labels by combining multiple page regions, also working with files that contain non-searchable text, such as scans, so all PDFs can be put in order, regardless of how they were made. And Batch Link allows users to automatically link up entire document sets quickly and easily by creating an unlimited number of hyperlinks. Finally, Sets 2.0 gives users the ability to manage and navigate unlimited files as if they are a single document.

With Revu 12, takeoffs and estimations, in the office or at the jobsite, are easier with measurement enhancements. When users take one measurement, Revu now automatically calculates all other related measurements, and measurements are no longer limited to one scale with Revu’s new ability to set separate X and Y scales on a PDF. And for changes, Revu’s new SmartGroup technology enables users to quickly view and adjust individual annotations within a related group of markups or elements.

Enhancements to Bluebeam Studio, Revu’s integrated cloud-based collaboration solution, include the option for Studio attendees to sign up for daily email notifications of changes to project documents without having to log into Studio.

“Our customers need to keep projects moving whether they are in an office, at the jobsite, or on a camping trip, and the technology in Revu 12 makes it easier to finish projects faster and work better,” says Richard Lee, president and CEO, Bluebeam Software.