For the construction industry, ERP (enterprise-resource planning) software has been widely used for years. Still, technology providers continue to update the technology, creating partnerships and adding new features and functions to help the construction industry improve efficiencies.

As one recent example, Viewpoint Construction Software,, Portland, Ore., has added a sales and use tax solution to its software by partnering with TTR Inc., www.ttrus, McMinnville, Ore.

TTR provides an online subscription service for tax and accounting professionals in the construction industry.

Stacey Shields, senior accounting staff and tax specialist, Clancy & Theys Construction Co.,, Raleigh, N.C., a TTR subscriber and Viewpoint customer, says TTR explains everything and links to the actual laws and statues that back up the information. Additionally, the company keeps everything updated and will research issues for the client.

TTR says sales and use tax research has been a pain point for tax and accounting professionals in the construction industry. As such, this new partnership will offer a new solution for construction companies to receive support on tax questions.

For the construction industry, collaboration among technology providers such as this one means increased options to meet the needs of contractors. While this is one example, construction companies can work with ERP partners to improve efficiencies.

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