Today the Internet has become a common network for more and more companies, and is being used to make data available to all customers and partners. For many, being able to access data in the cloud improves business processes.

As one example of a technology provider that has introduced new solutions in the cloud, ToolWatch Corp.,, Englewood, Colo., launched its field application and updated RFID (radio-frequency identification) interface, allowing field managers to remain in the field while still managing and keeping track of tools, equipment, and consumables.

How did this solution come about? Customers—and field managers—were asking for a field application, according to Don Kafka, CEO, ToolWatch. But this is not the company’s first foray into the cloud. ToolWatch has been first launched its on-demand feature of ToolWatch Enterprise in 2007.

The new field application is built on the iOS platform and is compatible with iPhone, iPod, and iPad devices and is targeted to jobsite supervisors and field managers who are on-the-go and need to access critical data in realtime. The field application offers four key features: search, update, move, and verify.

This iOS field application enables users to convert a mobile device or tablet into a scanner. Once inserted into a ‘ruggedized sled,’ the device becomes an integrated scanning device, providing further mobility and ease-of-use for field workers.

And there’s more: The newly designed sled also comes standard with a magnetic card reader that can be incorporated with employee identification cards or badges. As another option, a detachable scanner can be clipped onto the device, allowing users to scan barcodes and import data directly to the iOS application.

The new RFID interface will simplify field workers’ abilities to track and manage tools, equipment, and materials. And the software will work with the ToolWatch database so users can see everything about the item scanned, from its location, to its service and maintenance schedule, to the last person to touch the item.