Those in the construction industry need solutions that aim at more efficient documentation. The good news is the prequalification process has just been simplified, with the release of two new tools to standardize and streamline this task, for both subcontractors and general contractors.

SmartBidNet, a construction bid software created by JB Knowledge Technologies Inc.,, Byran, Texas, now includes a ConsensusDocs form to provide advanced subcontractor prequalification tools to commercial general contractors. This tool will help the industry and construction stakeholders to select their contractors wisely.

With the ConsensusDocs standard prequalification form, all SmartBidNet clients, across the United States, Canada, Caribbean, and Middle East will now be able to employ the ConsensusDocs 721 form built into the prequalification module of the system at no extra cost. Advanced prequalification and custom forms are still available to Premium and Professional users.

With the ConsensusDocs 721 form integration, all builders using the SmartBidNet software are able to send the standard electronic form to subcontractors, collect and review subcontractor responses directly to the system, send RFIs (requests for information) and sync company profile information in their subcontractor database with the information submitted via the ConsensusDocs 721 form. In addition to the ConsensusDocs 721 form now available to all users, SmartBidNet clients that pay for the custom prequalification module have a wealth of new features and capabilities. Users can now create custom project-specific prequalification forms. This allows GCs to maintain separate prequalification statuses, contract limits, and expiration dates for a specific project. When approving a project-specific prequalification, the GC has the option to update the subcontractor’s overall status, limit, and expiration with that data.

Additionally, Gafcon Inc.,, San Diego, Calif., has launched QualityBidders Prequalification Tool for contractors to help California school districts comply with the new state law. California Assembly Bill 1565 requires California school districts to prequalify both general contractors and MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) subcontractors. QualityBidders automates the process, allowing school districts to stay in compliance while saving time, money, and resources.

With QualityBidders, the automated system gathers all of the necessary information from contractors through a standardized questionnaire. The system then uses software algorithms to score the data, emails a status update to the applicants, and automatically creates the mandatory reporting for compliance. School districts maintain complete control of the entire process while eliminating several hours of tedious, time-consuming work for district personnel. QualityBidders is the first turnkey, Web-based tool to be made available to all districts in the state.