Newforma Inc.,, Manchester, N.H., has spun off its Newforma Project Analyzer to a new and independent company formed to focus on architecture and engineering project financial and resource management.

The goal is to aid customers by forming a company focused on improving project-performance analytics that support better decision-making by project managers and firm executives. is taking over Project Analyzer’s development as well as its sales, marketing, support, and services,, was cofounded by Tom Vandervort, former director of product management, Newforma, and J.J. Brantingham, former CIO and partner, Sebesta Blomberg, an engineering and design services company.

Newforma Project Analyzer, renamed Project Analyzer, will be the first of a portfolio of products from to initiate planning, financial management, and staffing resource allocation for projects.

“Transitioning Project Analyzer to means customers will benefit greatly from a team of experts focused solely on enhancing that critical product’s capabilities,” says Ian Howell, CEO, Newforma.

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