Aden Airport Revitalization

After five years of conflict, the poorest of the nations of the Middle East, Yemen, has somewhat stabilized. The official government, headed by President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi, fought rebels backed by the UAE (United Arab Emirates) that had, at one time, seized major parts of the southern Governorate of Aden.

Ecology and Cement

Cement is used daily in construction often with little regard for the effects on the environment. But that is all changing.

A View Needs Windows

Builders strive to provide their customers more than just a place to live. Amenities abound these days and one of the most sought after is a great view.

  • warehouse regulations

Big Cold

The pharmaceutical industry has many regulations and requirements imposed by the government to protect the end user, and that means the collective us.

Acting on ACT

Constructing buildings is an ancient practice with new and innovative methods applied as they are developed.

EV Demands New Infrastructure

An EV (electric vehicle) may save resources and hold down pollution but it requires a vast network of charging stations to become practical enough to replace the millions of gasoline and diesel propelled cars and trucks on the road today.