For facility managers, a big focus and consideration has always been on how to better manage energy consumption. A new strategic partnership aims to help commercial and industrial customers leverage technology to reduce energy consumption and, ultimately, costs.

REGEN Energy,, provider of a wireless smart-grid technology platform called Swarm Energy Management, and Ayla Networks,, an IoT (Internet of Things) platform provider, recently announced a joint plan to remove roadblocks and help make it possible for every piece of equipment to contribute to a company’s energy strategy.

REGEN and Ayla say commercial and industrial customers want more control over power, especially peak power, which makes up a significant chunk of an industrial customer’s utility bill. The companies hope their collaboration will provide the products and services needed to help these customers manage energy use effectively and potentially even participate in cost-saving demand-response programs.

REGEN says its Swarm Logic solution is a wireless energy-management platform that helps commercial and light-industrial facilities more dynamically control devices and electrical loads. The platform is a self-configuring environment that links to building systems, thermostats, and equipment, allowing them to “talk” to each other and more effectively manage duty cycles and electrical loads. A cloud-based Web portal helps building managers analyze energy use and performance and manage electric load and schedules.

Ayla has created a suite of cloud-based services and technology that helps companies design and manage Internet-enabled products throughout their lifetime. By leveraging the capabilities of its Agile IoT Platform, Ayla says manufacturers can reduce product-development costs, increase security, and accelerate their time to market.

David Freidman, CEO and cofounder of Ayla, says, “Intelligent energy management is one of the most important issues we face. It is also a huge economic opportunity.” By working to help commercial and industrial customers achieve intelligent energy management, the companies are addressing the economic and the environmental issues faced by today’s businesses.

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