Increasing complexities and costs of today’s construction programs highlight the importance of strategic management of the entire construction process from project launch to close. It’s no secret that effective planning and project management are integral to the successful execution of a project. The silver bullet is the technology that keeps projects on schedule and within budget.

As an example of one tool, Oracle’s,, Redwood City, Calif., Primavera Contract Management software helps improve document management, job cost, and project control solution. For construction companies, the 14.1 release has more flexible and timely construction project management with reduction of schedule.

Changes include the addition of Business Intelligence Reporting (BI Reports), which provides a report writing functionality within contract management. There is also support for Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK) and technology enhancements including Web Service enablement.

The benefits of this software are timely payment and improve turnaround time on completed work items to avoid claims; project team collaboration so there are no surprises; and provision of specific functionality for project team members with role-based solutions. Ultimately, there are also the advantages of streamlining field communications and document administration.

For construction companies that are looking to implement project-management technology such as this in the cloud, LoadSpring,, Wilmington, Mass., can serve as a partner for IT infrastructure, freeing IT departments from the heavy lifting of cloud-based project management solutions software, data management, reporting, training, and more.

As more construction companies look to move processes such as project management to the cloud, partners can play a key role in helping to do it in a way that is effective and efficient.