The construction industry is experience a transformation in materials management, lead by leveraging data in order to resolve issues before they impact construction.

One company, Atlas RFID Solutions,, Birmingham, Ala., has significantly expanded the functionality of its flagship product, Jovix.

The 2015.1 release of Jovix includes enhanced business intelligence dashboards and reporting capabilities, which can be configured to provide value for a wide range of stakeholders throughout the material lifecycle. The critical value-add of this new release is an expansion of the ability to quickly turn vast amounts of data into actionable information, which is displayed in a single convenient location.

With Jovix, data is collected in realtime, automatically processed into actionable information, and presented in a graphical exception-based format that facilitates investigate. The 2015.1 release includes new features that improve the ability to identify issues and resolve them before they impact construction.

Jovix 2015.1 includes a dashboard with configurable, personalized widgets that automate the process of highlighting issues on an exception basis in a graphical, easy-to-consume format. A series of reports linked to the dashboard charts and graphs enable users to quickly drill down into issues and initiate the resolution process—saving valuable time and money by increasing productivity and efficiency on the jobsite.

This release adds value to the resolution process with improvements to the application’s task management capabilities. Ultimately, Jovix 2015.1 continues to make great strides in supporting the customer’s ability to flag and resolve material readiness issues before they impact direct labor productivity.

The functionality included in this release allows clients to enhance the value of their data through automated processing and graphical, exception-based presentation. This provides visibility and accessibility to all stakeholders in a single shared view, making construction projects more efficient.

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