Construction companies today are looking to gather data at the jobsite, and photo capabilities are a tech-enabled area of focus.

To this end, Work Zone Cam,, New York, N.Y., continues its trend of providing economical, do-it-yourself systems to the construction industry. Enter Version 3.0: Its interface that includes new features, increased user capabilities, and simplified software, making managing a time-lapse camera easier.

With Work Zone Cam’s new software, clients can now change the page themselves and see the edits immediately. And the update does not limit or charge customers for editing the camera’s interface. The key advantage is this allows project teams to modify the layout, colors, and overall theme of the Web page whenever necessary.

Any photo or graphic can also be uploaded and used as the Website’s background to create a custom look. Why are these advancements beneficial? It’s because they give companies more control over the public presentation of the Webcam. As a result, there is a quicker turnaround time when developing the Web page or informing the community about jobsite progress.

And newly added share options make publicly promoting a project simpler. This is ideal for sharing construction project photos with the community during a project. To wit, photos can be shared via Facebook and Twitter with the click of a button. And clients can generate their own embed code, allowing them to include the camera on a dedicated Web page, post updates on social media, and integrate project-management software such as SharePoint.

With a professional, do-it-yourself jobsite camera that does not require a monthly fee, Work Zone Cam saves construction industry insiders both time and costs. Companies without a server infrastructure or those that simply want to outsource the service can choose Work Zone Cam’s no-frills, low-cost hosting service. And with the hosting services, images are updated to the secure servers and delivered directly to the user’s Website or mobile device.