Digging tunnels is a hard job; tracking equipment and tools on a tunnel job, not so much. The Crossrail project, the largest construction project currently under way in Europe and the United Kingdom, developed from the Mayor of London’s plans to increase the number of transportation hubs around the city and decrease the time needed to travel across the city.

When completed in 2018, Crossrail will connect 37 rail stations and Heathrow airport, and it is estimated this will serve more than 200 million passengers per year.

The eight-kilometer Thames Tunnel project will link the existing North Kent rail line to Crossrail. The scope of the Thames Tunnel project demands that the contractors have the capability to keep strict control over every item, from small to large, accurately and instantaneously.

Hochtief/Murphy, a joint venture between worldwide construction company Hochtief Solutions, www.hochtief-solutions.com, Germany, and civil engineering firm J. Murphy & Sons Ltd., www.murphygroup.co.uk, London, U.K., is the managing partner on the project. Hochtief/Murphy conducted an extensive global search for a solution that best fit its needs including comprehensive tool and equipment tracking and management features, realtime access at anytime from anywhere, and a secure, centralized database.

ToolWatch, www.toolwatch.com, Englewood, Colo., will implement the full ToolWatch Enterprise suite on the C-310 Thames Tunnel Project, a $306 million tunnel that will connect the east and west London rail routes. The project will use the software vendor’s enterprise suite to track heavy equipment, machinery, vehicles and tools, as well as monitor equipment servicing schedules and fuel consumption.