Kodiak Island Borough (KIB) is at the crossroads of one of the most productive fishing grounds in the world, the Gulf of Alaska, south of Cook Inlet and the Kenai Peninsula. The City of Kodiak is at the northeastern tip of the island, 55 minutes by air from Anchorage and just more than four hours from Seattle.

KIB has an elected but basically ceremonial mayor and an assembly form of government. Administrative operations, however, are directed by the borough manager. KIB has 3,200,060 acres within its boundaries. That’s a lot of territory but with a small population of about 14,000, the combination of low density population and large acreage means extreme care must be taken with any infrastructure expenditures.

To help, the Engineering and Facilities Department of KIB centralize project information, standardize business processes, and facilitate the management of project changes to prevent potential cost overruns and schedule delays. It has started implementing systems from e-Builder, www.e-builder.net, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., to help with the project.

Project stakeholders will leverage e-Builder’s modules such as Cost, Schedule, Documents, Reports, Dashboards, and Project Calendar to help capitalize on available resources during planning, design, and construction of new capital projects, as well as renovation of existing facilities. The combination of standard processes, central information access, improved collaboration, and visibility across the entire capital program will give the Borough tighter control over project cost and schedule.

The cost control capabilities will also enable a more efficient approval process for routing budget, invoice and change order review, and approvals to minimize project delays. Project managers will have immediate visibility into all of the open change orders and RFIs (requests for information) that have potential cost impacts before they are approved. This will provide management with foresight that will help lower risks while reducing costs.