Workers that don’t review their daily inspection reports simply because they can’t understand what has been written on them are most likely causing great inefficiency for their company. Fortunately, advances in technology have proven to help companies become more efficient and productive.

NOVA Services,, San Diego, Calif., an employee-owned organization providing inspection and materials testing services to commercial contractors, is using NoteVault,, San Diego, Calif., to enhance inspection and materials testing. NOVA was seeking a way to deliver timely, organized, and typed daily field reports which could be clearly understood and read. With NoteVault, NOVA inspectors can document observation faster and with more detail via voice, text, pictures, and video phone-based reporting.

“Before we implemented the NoteVault app, we experienced numerous problems with customers not understanding or reading our daily reports,” explains Dan Barnett, president and CEO, NOVA. “Now that we’ve adopted this solution, we’re able to truly add value by offering quality documentation that captures photos and other details of issues, activities, staffing, materials, and equipment status.”

According to NOVA Services, the app saved hours of administration time for inspectors. Inspectors can simply call in notes instead of spending valuable time writing reports at the end of the day. Each note is then professionally transcribed by NoteVault transcribers and automatically emailed as a PDF daily report to project stakeholders. Additionally, notes can be viewed online in realtime. By using NoteVault, NOVA clients are realizing administrative time savings along with cost savings as they no longer have to manage the storage and handling of paper reports. According to the company, since the implementation, NOVA has been awarded projects because of the quality of the reports.

In addition to delivering reports, the entire team can comprehend and read. The NoteVault app provides several other benefits to NOVA’s clients. One benefit is the app improves productivity on the jobsite.

When workers see inspectors taking numerous photographs throughout the day to document what they’re doing, the subcontractors work at a higher efficiency. Another benefit is the NoteVault app delivers significant on-the-job cost savings–in addition to the administration cost savings. One example was when a general contractor was presented a questionable change order by one of its subcontractors, and the associated daily report displayed dates and times that didn’t align with what the subcontractor was claiming, which resulted in the order being cut in half.

“Another great advantage is that the NoteVault reports can be emailed to executives, investors, and others who are involved in the project all over the world,” says Barnett. “They help ensure everyone is on the same page and it’s a huge value add.”

By using the app, NOVA believes it has improved the company’s value. NOVA is using technology to eliminate inefficient communication methods.

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