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In the construction market, there is stiff competition between contractors when bidding for jobs. The market is dictating an increase in the overall number of bid submissions, leaving room for errors that place the win ratio at risk. A company’s bid presentation needs to be professional and easily digestible. Contractors are bidding more jobs to increase or sustain win ratios. In order for estimators to bid more jobs in less time, companies are turning to construction automation software. Many project managers are turning to construction software providers to help them focus on the bottomline throughout the project lifecycle. Although challenges faced by the estimators and project managers differ, they can drastically impact the outcome of a project.

Estimators:  Sales Engine
The construction industry spans multiple divisions and trades. For every trade, one thing is certain—“You have to bid work.” This is why On Center Software, or OCS for short, pays special attention to the needs of the construction estimator. Quantity takeoff and estimating can be a labor-intensive process when performed manually or using inefficient solutions that do not meet the estimator’s needs.

Often times, an estimator is working on multiple projects at the same time. The obstacles the estimator has to overcome are numerous. Whether you are looking to reduce cost, save time, be more efficient, generate accurate bids, increase your win ratio, and increase profit, On Center Software has a solution for you.

On Center Software solutions, OST (On-Screen Takeoff) and QB (Quick Bid) allow the estimators to spend less time preparing each bid, while improving the accuracy of the takeoff drastically. Many estimators take on multiple roles within the company, and OCS allows the estimators to handle every task successfully and efficiently without sacrificing the quality of work that is expected from the estimators. OST and QB are used by estimators to quickly produce profitable bids with the most precise material and labor costs.

Project Manager: Field General
Without effective project management, construction projects become subjected to the risk of profit loss. On Center Software provides solutions designed to protect profits by helping the project manager and the field become proactive, aware, and more effective. For years, project managers have struggled with getting the right data in the right hands at the right time.

Another challenge faced by the project manager is managing the project to increase the bottomline while avoiding profit fade. On Center Software helps project managers identify, prevent, and reduce potential costly delays and disruptions before and after breaking ground. There has been a gradual industry shift toward accessing information wherever the contractor might be—office, field, or somewhere in between. The outcome of this shift is using tablets in the field. The increased usage of tablet technology at the jobsite has resulted in major time saving and improved communications.    Tracking production in the field helps the project manager stay on budget, while monitoring and rectifying the obstacles that can cause the project to lag. With the use of On Center Software’s patented solution DPC (Digital Production Control), project managers can use tablets in the field to instantly track earned values based upon the project estimate, as well as line out the crew while identifying the scope of work to be completed for the day.

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by Angelo Castelli, COO, On Center Software