BIM brings value. Chances are you won’t get many stakeholders in the construction industry arguing against such a point. Where the debate around BIM (building information modeling) begins to rear its ugly head is with regards to identifying the particular ROI (return on investment) to the process.

One area of concern for many involved in the process is the ability to properly manage the large file size involved with BIM. Such an issue can often become a roadblock for coordination and collaboration effort.

With the launch of a new product called BIMfx, StratusVue,, Fox Lake, Ill., looks to change all of that. The company, which was previously known by PlansandSpecs, is delivering a product that looks to compress the amount of time it takes to sync and update BIM files.

The product also aims to organize the data in a way that building operators need, making it more efficient to access through the viewing of a BIM model or porting information to a CMMS solution. This could go a long way towards solving one of the critical aspects of the building lifecycle, providing owners with a centralized, organized repository for the data.

Companies like Pepper Construction Co.,, Chicago, Ill., are already using the term “game changer” in describing the product. Stan Pepper, the CEO of StratusVue, served as president and CEO of Pepper Construction from 1995-2003.

Kevin Bredeson, virtual construction director, Pepper, talks up the ability for the tool to allow project teams to take full advantage of all the project information, documentation, and data that is collected during the life of the construction effort and rapidly repurpose it for the owner. He believes the tool can now allow for owners to tap into this data for operation of the facility within days and weeks as opposed to months and years.

Could this be the true “game changer” to transferring BIM data for purposes of facilities management? Only time will tell. But the good news is software companies are emerging with fresh ideas on how to tackle such an issue.

On the whole, StratusVue provides a full line of construction-specific products, including BidVue for invitation to bid and RFP management and PlansandSpecs for construction project and document management, to go along with the newly released BIMfx.

The rebranding of the company takes an interesting spin as, according to John Goecke, founder and president of the company, it started with the idea of PlansandSpecs to answer the emerging need on construction projects to manage all the paper documents that were becoming digitized. As it evolved, the company honed in on the idea that collaboration has become so crucial to helping improve efficiency for the project stakeholders, which led it to develop products that meet the needs of this role-based environment.

The idea with StratusVue, says Goecke, is to provide solutions that offer features that allow owners, contractors, and designers to work together with increased accessibility, security, and transparency.