New Product

Redwood City, Calif.

Driving Lean Construction
While the idea of lean has been around for some time, its uptake in construction has been somewhat slow, but with the emergence of technology tools, the process can be transformed. ourPlan has created a visual planning tool for lean construction, which reinforces the Last Planner System by tracking commitments and capturing reasons for failure. The product, called ourPlan, is a Web-based application, meaning everyone involved on the project can collaborate and access the latest updates from the field or office. Some of the benefits of this technology are less rework on construction projects, higher productivity, more engaged teams, and reduced claims, among others. The Constructech editors like that ourPlan has designed the system to be used by foremen, superintendents, and other construction team members that might not be computer experts. With this collaborative tool, it is easy for anyone on the project to view and update commitments for deliverables.