With advances in devices and software, construction teams are more commonly becoming connected on the jobsite, but contractors aren’t the only ones. Owners are also turning to technology to minimize the amount of manual work on a construction job and are even replacing the clipboard with a tablet to more efficiently manage processes using mobile devices.

One example is the Port of Olympia, www.portolympia.com, Olympia, Wash., which consists of four divisions: the airport, the marina, the seaport, and a real estate department.

The Port of Olympia was looking to eliminate the spreadsheets and consolidate data, including documents, contracts, billings, and more, in one central location. Thus it turned to e-Builder Enterprise from e-Builder, www.e-builder.net, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., for a construction program management solution.

With the technology, the Port is able to manage budgets across a single project or an entire capital program. It is also able to use the technology for forecasting, reporting, maintaining compliance requirements, and more. Going forward, the organization plans to move toward electronic approvals, which will reduce manual work even further.

In addition to moving manual, spreadsheet-based processes to capital program management software, owners are additionally beginning to use the technology on mobile devices as well.

Eyemart Express, www.eyemartexpress.com, Farmers Branch, Texas, has more than 141 locations in 30 states and is growing. This expansion has required the design and construction department to play a big role in improving the overall experience in the stores. This is where technology comes into the equation.

The owner recently began using Projectmates from Systemates, www.projectmates.com, Dallas, Texas, to keep track of project costs and bids. Eyemart Express also uses the technology on the jobsite, managing the punchlist from the field using iPads and other tablet devices. The company says the technology enables it to check tasks and add photos from the field as well.

One of the big benefits of the technology is the fact the software is accessible by all project team members, which is key to getting a store open as quickly as possible.

For project owners, the use of technology—whether it is capital project management software in the office or a punchlist application on the job—can enable construction projects to progress in a timely manner, which ultimately means a better bottomline.