ATLANTA, May 27, 2015 – OxBlue, a leading provider of construction webcam services and high-definition time-lapse construction videos, announced today that its camera interface now offers a panoramic screen view for use with its robotic pan-tilt-zoom construction cameras. The panoramic feature exists alongside the full set of options that are available through the OxBlue construction camera interface, including time-lapse videos and multiple screen modes for viewing and comparing still images. OxBlue clients with PTZ and fixed-position cameras use the construction camera interface to view high-resolution real-time and archived images of their projects.

Robotic PTZ construction cameras are most often used on projects where there is a need to cover a wide expanse, such as bridges and stadiums. The pan-tilt-zoom capability enables clients to easily capture and document the entire expanse of their projects using a single construction camera.

The new panoramic technology essentially “stitches” the images captured by a PTZ camera together into one seamless view of the entire jobsite. One-click controls enable viewers to quickly zoom in and out and pan horizontally and vertically.

“Our goal is always to deliver tools and services that make our clients’ jobs easier and their projects better. The addition of the panoramic view brings a new dimension to how our PTZ clients can monitor and understand their projects with just a single mouse click.”
Chandler McCormack, OxBlue CEO

This feature will automatically come with every new PTZ camera sold. This upgrade is available to current OxBlue clients at no charge. “Regular updates like this is one of the ways we protect our clients’ investment in their camera system,” added McCormack.

OxBlue fixed-position and PTZ construction cameras document virtually every moment of a project by continuously capturing high-resolution images of the jobsite. The images are transmitted over cellular networks via cellular technology built into the construction cameras, enabling project team members to monitor jobsites and track progress anytime, anywhere by accessing the construction camera interface from computers and mobile devices.

OxBlue construction camera systems come complete with all hardware, cellular data connection, easy-to-use technologies, and a range of time-lapse construction movies. To learn more about OxBlue construction cameras and time-lapse videos, please contact OxBlue at (888) 849-2583.