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OxBlue maintains an exclusive focus on the needs of the construction industry by providing a solution—connection, hardware, software, and service—that provides big benefits to construction.
Constructech editors

When construction companies are looking for intuitive technologies and high-resolution imagery to connect everyone on a project to the jobsite and with each other for better communication and a more efficient build, OxBlue is one company that is leading in the space.

The company, which was established in 2001, delivers cellular technology built into every time-lapse construction camera, which transmits images that document virtually every moment of construction. The construction camera interface and Project Dashboard let team members monitor the jobsite in realtime and track progress from the start of a project through completion, using archived jobsite images and high-definition time-lapse construction movies. Clients include those in large mixed-use developments, schools, hospitals, and retail, just to name a few.

One of the benefits of the technology is construction companies can view the jobsite from the office using a desktop computer or on the move with a mobile device.

OxBlue mobile apps enable clients to access all their active and completed projects; zoom in and out on high-resolution images to see detail; quickly locate any image from any date and time; view high-definition construction time-lapse videos to track progress; get detailed weather data on every image; and easily share jobsite images via email.

Additionally, the company continues to update its systems with the needs of the industry in mind. For instance, OxBlue has released a new next-generation software interface, mobile interface, various features, updated iPhone and iPad app, and a new Time-Lapse Movie Machine tool just in the past year.

OxBlue construction camera systems allow construction companies to monitor and manage the project and include megapixel construction camera, cellular data connection, time-lapse movies, and intuitive interface for computers and mobile devices. The future is bright for this construction camera technology provider, as the need for visibility to jobsites worldwide continues to grow.

Product Offerings:

  • Collaboration
  • Project Management
  • Jobsite Hardware
  • Mobile


  • Product has intuitive user interface
  • Focus on the needs of construction
  • Provides connection, hardware, software, and service


  • Continue to update its system with needs of industry in mind
  • Offer access to updates free to all clients
  • Ability to integrate with many construction management software