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“Innovation is embedded into OxBlue’s company culture, helping it develop the right hardware and software for the construction industry. Its business model helps it stand out as a good company to do business with.”  —Constructech editors

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OxBlue is intentional about having a focus on its company culture—including process, policy, hiring decision, key performance indicators, and company goals.

This can be seen through the actions it takes, as it offers employees a one month paid sabbatical every five years, along with a hard-working, yet relaxed, culture that gives employees the opportunity to thrive and meet goals. The company also prides itself on its diversity, with 40% females across the company—from the warehouse to software development. With a big focus on encouraging and inspiring  its employees, the result is workers who are actively engaged in innovation and bringing new ideas to the table.

This enables the company to continue to develop both its hardware and software that serves the construction industry extremely well. Additionally, OxBlue engineers and manufacturers the circuit boards, enclosures, mounts, and environmental controls, which means its technology is specifically designed for the business of construction and the company is a one-stop shop for construction cameras. With roughly 90 people in its headquarters, the company handles every part of the development process. Thus, everyone in the company—engineering, development, sales, marketing, support, production, and accounting—are collaborating to deliver OxBlue’s flagship camera system, which is engineered and assembled in the U.S.

In addition to building up its employees, the company also has very intimate relationships with its clients as well, which has resulted in sustained year-over-year double digit growth. Going further, OxBlue has taken strides to develop partnerships with some of the leading software providers in the construction space, in an effort to improve business processes for its customers.

All of this combined with its new hardware and software development helps OxBlue stand out in the space.

Overall, OxBlue recognizes that innovation is essential in construction today, and the company has discovered the secret for how to manage it and ensure that every idea benefits the construction industry in the long run.

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