Pantera Tools Integrated Plan Room
Bid Management
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Pantera Global Technology
Pleasant Prairie, Wis.

Bidding in the Cloud
With the advent of the cloud, bid management is evolving in construction. Using Pantera Tools Integrated Plan Room from Pantera Global Technology, contractors can access bids in the cloud. The plan room has reporting capabilities, a customizable address book, a bid calendar, and can be fitted with custom modules based on the general contractor’s preference. What sets this plan room apart from others in the market is the fact the bid-management system can be integrated into a general contractor’s Website, as well as with Pantera’s project-management software, Pantera Project Insight. The company says this has led its customers to report increases in bid response rate from the subcontractors. Pantera continues to enhance the product too, adding a drag-and-drop calendar where subcontractors can submit documents and upload leads. The Constructech editors like that Pantera recognizes the shift toward the cloud in construction and is offering a bid-management system that can be integrated into a GC’s Website.