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With a focus on collaboration, Pantera Global Technology wants to bring owners, general contractors, architects, and subs together in an online community to share and access data. The technology already developed and the company’s insight into construction makes it one of the leading companies in the space.
Constructech editors

As a newcomer to the list this year—but not necessarily a newcomer to the space—Pantera Global Technology has been serving the industry for roughly five years. The company’s founder has even more experience than that having initially founded a national printing and distribution firm that featured an online planroom with print functionality, which was eventually acquired.

In the time since initially launching Pantera Global Technology, the company has released specialized software for bid, project, and risk management, and has evolved its core product offering to assist construction organizations from preconstruction through project close-out. This evolution of technology shows Pantera understands the core needs of construction.

What’s more, with a focus on collaboration, the company additionally wants to bring corporate owners, general contractors, architects, and subcontractors together under an online community to help share and access data—and as such has developed a solution that does just that. The technology allows for file sharing, document management, contact management, messaging, reporting, collaboration, construction project leads, and contractor directory functionality.

In addition to developing its solution set, the company has also been steadily growing its business in the last 12 months also, nearly doubling its number of general contracting and subcontracting clients. Furthermore, Pantera Global Technology has released a new cloud-based project-management system—Pantera Project Insight—as well as deployed a new risk-management division.

With a focus on helping GCs (general contractors) and subcontractors collaborate in an easy-to-use cloud-based environment, Pantera Global Technology has proven in the past five years that it has what it takes to be one of the leading companies in the construction space. The provider is positioned to offer a solution that simplifies bidding, project, and risk management, and will continue to provide this and more to its client base in the year to come.


  • Focus on collaboration for GCs and subcontractors

  • Developed project-management system in the cloud
  • Deployed a new risk-management division


  • Continue to grow existing client base of GCs and subs

  • Develop additional partnerships with other software providers
  • Build out prequalification/verification services