Construction software can provide advanced quality assurance features that ensure the coordination and validation of drawings and models occurs during the preconstruction, construction, and facilities management phases. Now, two technology providers are partnering to offer an end-to-end BIM (building information modeling) solution.

Viewpoint Construction Software,, Portland, Ore., announced it has partnered with Solibri LLC,, Helsinki, Finland, to offer the North American building and construction markets an end-to-end BIM solution.

Viewpoint For Project Collaboration provides project teams with a configurable CDE (Common Data Environment) serving as the BIM workflow engine, enabling the entire project supply chain to ensure the right BIM data is made available to the right people at the right time. When used in conjunction with the Solibri solution, construction professionals are provided a greater quality of control in their CDE, seeing improved cost management, delivery timing, and maintenance work throughout the design, build, and maintenance of their spaces.

Both Viewpoint For Project Collaboration and Solibri solutions operate OpenBIM standards. And the companies’ combination further demonstrates that reliable and comprehensive BIM workflows are being achieved using models from a variety of BIM authoring software.

Viewpoint and Solibri’s solutions are complementary and fulfill important elements of the workflows required for effective clash detection and BIM use by contractors, according to Matthew Harris, senior vice president of strategy and corporate business development, Viewpoint Construction Software.

With solutions such as these, AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction) users can benefit from the flexibility of open standards-based platforms, which save time, money, and resources.