Construction companies and distributors can rely on each other for expertise, enabling a project to move along faster and with the highest amount of quality for the least amount of money. Technology can, in some respects, serve as the middleman, connecting the two parties and sharing information and knowledge.

Rather than playing phone tag with a supplier, have you considered using an app? Leff Electric,, Cleveland, Ohio, a distributor to the electrical industry, recently unveiled a new app that provides contractors with instantaneous supplier feedback, as well as access to line cards, videos, locations, and more.

“A contractor is going to rely on us as experts to be able to provide them with information and knowledge to help them save their customers money too,” says John Lorince, marketing manager, Leff Electric, speaking specifically about the energy solutions division. “We don’t install anything. We are just a distributor, but we work with our contractors and provide them that service so that they can make that sell to their customers. We are a resource for them.”

The Leff Mobile Version II app, which launched officially today, is a completely new and revamped app. With this, contractors are able to directly dial a branch, access GPS directions, sign up for newsletters, search for different types of services, and pull up social media sites or how-to and informative videos. Essentially, the app becomes an extension of Leff Electric’s Website.

Here is where it begins providing big value for contractors. Within the app is a feature the company calls Quick Pad. Contractors can simply enter information about what they would like to order, rather than taking notes and calling or stopping in a branch. The company is also in the process of developing a feature, which will be available in the next few weeks, where contractors can save a list and come back later to send.

“It is a nice little tool where people can place an order and they don’t have to worry about losing a piece of paper because it is kept on their smartphone,” says Lorince.

Additionally, contractors can take advantage of a loyalty-stamp program using this app. After downloading, contractors can earn stamps every time they place an at-the-counter stock purchase of $20 or more. Once they receive a certain amount of stamps, they can receive an item from a list.

Going forward, the company plans to have its larger contracting customers provide formal feedback on the app. Leff Electric plans to use this commentary to remove or add new features in the future.

Contractors can rely on distributors for expertise and information. These days, apps and other types of technology can serve as a means to access and distribute this data between suppliers and construction companies.