Companies are making the transition to GHSs (globally harmonized systems) in order to keep up with HazCom (hazard communication) standards. A leader in product and facility identification solutions and a producer of cloud-based EHS (environmental health and safety) solutions are partnering to create a sound platform for easier and safer chemical labeling.

Chemical labeling is important in GHSs and aims to promote a safer workplace. Brady,, Milwaukee, Wis., and MSDSonline,, Chicago, Ill., are helping EHS professionals efficiently create workplace labels to reflect GHS and HazCom standards. Customers worry whether their workplace labels comply with GHS and this solution helps ease their minds.

The labeling update requires labels to have six key elements: signal word, symbols, product name or identifiers, hazard statements, precautionary statements, and manufacturer information. With this format, labeling will follow a simpler process.

GHSs require SDSs (safety data sheets) to follow a consistent format and communicate chemical hazard information appropriately, and customers can find these standards from MSDSonline’s Website. Here they can easily create labels with the proper GHS label elements and print directly to Brady’s BBP 33 label printer.

Brady and MSDSonline are on their way to giving customers a better resource of HazCom and GHS solutions they need in order to correctly and safely follow labeling standards. EHS professionals can easily create and print GHS labels with the formation of this partnership.

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