In an effort to simplify the efforts of developers working with IFC (industry foundation classes) files, two companies have formed a partnership designed to improve BIM (business information modeling) workflows.

Nemetschek Vectorworks Inc.,, Columbia, Md., is working with Datacubist Oy,, Tampere, Finland, makers of simplebim , which is a software platform that strengthens IFC data exchange among AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction) professionals, to enable developers using Vectorworks Architect software to export their files and import them into the simplebim application. From there, the application works to eliminate data not deemed necessary, validates, edits, and adds non-geometric data inside the IFC file.

Through the use of simplebim, designers, contractors, and building owners have the ability to go over the IFC data “in a model-centric, user-configurable interface.” Simplebim can find issues within the data and eliminate those problems, as well as edit and match data structures to other IFC compatible applications. Once completed, feedback can be given to the author or edits to the IFC data can be made in simplebim without the need for having to use the original model.

According to Jiri Hietanen, CEO and cofounder, Datacubist Oy, the objective of this plan is to provide developers with a greater understanding of BIM and the different elements involved with it. “The key to delivering valuable BIM data is to clearly understand the specific requirements of the receiver, and then to use the right workflow and tools for delivering relevant and reliable design information,” he says.

Jeremy Powell, product marketing director, Nemetscheck Vectorworks Inc., agrees with Hietanen and believes this partnership falls in line with his company’s desire to find others who share its commitment to Open BIM workflows. “It’s paramount that we provide designers with innovative technology to help them maintain complete control over their IFC data,” he says, “and we’re very excited to be a part of solutions like this partnership that will enhance collaboration and improve the quality of data exchanged among project stakeholders.”

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