Construction industry partnerships based on sharing competencies that best serves the customer are increasingly common these days, with accounting efficiencies and project management benefits that drive everyday innovation.

Recently Mobile Solutions,, Centennial, Colo., joined the Development Partner Program of Viewpoint Construction Software,, Portland, Ore. Mobile Solutions provides Viewpoint’s customers with a solution that offers an advanced, user-friendly cloud-based platform, allowing clients to manage corporate mobile devices while also automating the management of costs, assets, usage, plan changes, invoice processing, security/MDM (mobile device management) deployment, and reporting.

As merely one example: Current Viewpoint customer, Intren,, Union, Ill., has already benefited significantly, with savings that, when used in conjunction with Viewpoint V6, are more than expected, due to Viewpoint’s contemporary technology platforms.

The benefits of Viewpoint Construction Software’s latest release provide value. The newest version of its Viewpoint V6 Software includes updates to the accounting, business intelligence, project management and service management modules. And Construction Imaging and Mobile Field Manager, Viewpoint’s point solutions that integrate with V6 as well as other construction-specific offerings on the market, have also been updated to offer improved integration to V6, as well as numerous customer requested enhancements.

What are additional updates? There are many, including a new general ledger trial balance drill-down capability providing quicker access to information and updated business intelligence dashboard reports to drive better decision making.

With Mobile Field Manager, users have the ability to document and sync weather conditions on the job to the V6 project management daily log. Finally, there has also been enhancement of the overall usability of cost projections, allowing project managers an easier way to make corrections to change orders, subcontracts, and purchase orders right from the project-management module.