When construction-technology providers partner the end result is greater collaboration and easier information flow for construction companies. Two software providers recently announced a new collaboration specifically targeting project management for construction.

As one example, ProjecTools, www.projectools.com, Bellville, Texas, recently announced a new collaboration with Project Baseline, Mumbai, India, a project-management training and consulting provider.

With comprehensive project-management software, ProjecTools is built by and for project-management professionals in the oil and gas industry. When it came time to develop this partnership it was a meeting of the minds: Project Baseline has large-scale oil and gas and EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction) project experience, and the new teamwork will provide the oil and gas and EPC industry with better access to the ProjecTools application.

Cloud-based project management is the next generation of business, as construction and oil and gas companies know all too well. As a company that serves the oil and gas, EPC, and capital construction markets in India and Asia Pacific, Project Baseline specializes in project planning and control, project management staffing, auditing, and training.

When two companies such as this come together, the construction industry benefits by having more targeted and focused technology in order to improve project efficiencies and business processes. While this is just one example, there are a number of partnerships such as this that continue to emerge in the construction industry.