Strategic partnerships continue to create a foundation for the best quality and most comprehensive construction project content. As companies align next-generation solutions, construction can leverage capabilities and build on success.

As an example, TDIndustries, a construction and facilities management firm, will use mobile daily reports technology to increase productivity and reduce operational risks.

According to Jimbo Bunnell, vice president of operations, TDIndustries,, Dallas, Texas, the company was looking for a way for supervisors to save time in the field. Completing daily reports can take hours to detail what has happened throughout the day, especially when writing hard copy reports by hand.

Mobile daily reports enables supervisors to use their phones to record throughout the day, allowing them to recap and relay events in realtime. This is particularly useful for incident reporting, as staff can communicate exactly what has occurred and instantly send that information to safety and project managers.

TDIndustries supervisors will be given the NoteVault,, San Diego, Calif., app on mobile devices where they can quickly dictate notes and photos into the customizable daily reports templates as well as enter, edit, and add comments directly within the app.
Next, NoteVault’s professional staff will transcribe these voice recordings into text, add the photos, and send out daily PDF reports to a customer’s team every morning. NoteVault also offers translation/transcription from Spanish to English and can offer other languages as required.

Depending on their user role, key stakeholders can also view notes from all users in a continuous newsfeed that gives them realtime access to events as they happen. This reduces delays and increases productivity.

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