Pedigree Technologies

4776 28th Ave., STE 101

Fargo, ND 58104

+1 701.293.9949

Company scoreboard:

Ongoing education long after the first contract is signed

Two new safety features in its technology

New Digital Library and updated mobile app

Market Movers:

Care in the onboarding process, from initial training to ongoing updates

Superior support that focuses on customer needs

Continue to bring to market new innovative solutions for monitoring

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“Pedigree Technologies is a mighty company that looks to do good things for its employees, clients, and the world, with a focus on connecting and providing data to those who need it most.” —Peggy Smedley

Pedigree Technologies cares about bringing passion for software development to life. Its super skill is being able to see solutions where others did not even see a problem and approach those challenges with creativity and imagination, which allows it to achieve its mission: improving customers’ ability to dynamically manage their people and operating environments.

The company provides web-based software solutions that help track, monitor, and diagnose high-value assets in different industries such as construction and oil and gas through the OneView platform. Using this technology, companies have visibility into their operations, allowing them to make better decisions, increase efficiency, eliminate unnecessary service cost, and ensure jobsite productivity. Users can also locate equipment and gain insight into diagnostic information.

In order to do this, Pedigree Technologies hires passionate, creative individuals to work in an agile, entrepreneurial atmosphere where they set, meet, and exceed expectations. At its core, the company values people and every person who comes in contact with the organization can expect to be treated with respect. To do this, it sources new team members globally and is committed to attracting and hiring top talent that has the skill set to augment its team of professionals.

With these core value in place, Pedigree Technologies works with clients to create the best set of applications to fit their business. Often, customers have specific needs for their procedures or processes, and the company partners with them to develop customized solutions so that their operations function in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Pedigree Technologies also goes the extra mile to integrate with many of its clients’ internally-developed software, as well as any other third-party systems they may have, using its open API (application programming interface) and development services.

The company’s mission and strategy is not to be the biggest, but rather to be the most respected—which is an approach that has been working as it grows and its customers grow along with it.

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