What’s behind the walls in new homes? A new technology service aims to answer this question for residential homebuilders and homebuyers, giving peace of mind to homeowners.

Behind My Walls, www.behindmywalls.com, Princeton, N.J., is a new service that takes photos of what’s behind each wall just prior to insulation. Once the photos are taken, they are digitally catalogued for the homebuilders and the homebuyers.

The platform has two different logins—one for the builder and one for the buyer. The homebuilder can choose to provide the service to the buyer as a value-add or charge a small fee. Within the system, the photos are organized and labeled according to floor, room, and wall direction.

What value does this type of a technology system provide? The company points to a few specific instances. For one, if a homebuyer wants to hang a flat-screen television, they can easily identify what is behind the wall. As another example, if a plumber needs to find the source of a leak, looking at photos can be easier than opening up walls. What’s more, photos can come in handy if the homeowner plans to do a renovation project down the road.

In addition to giving use of the tech to the new homebuyer, access to photos can also be purchased by future homebuyers, allowing the second homeowner to have the same benefits as well.

For homebuilders, this type of technology service offers a value add to homebuyers and will ultimately help enable smoother home-improvement projects in the future.

Behind My Walls is not the first service to venture into this arena. Multivista, www.multivista.com, Phoenix, Ariz., and Jobsite Visitor, www.jobsitevisitor.com, also offer photo-sharing platforms for the construction industry.

Some says a photo is worth 1,000 words, but for the residential construction industry it could potentially be worth a lot more than that—especially when you consider how many photos a homebuilder can take in each new home.