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With a focus on R&D and client services, PMWeb recognizes there is a need among its clients for an integrated solution with global access for employees and partners.
Constructech editors

A decade ago, the team at PMWeb Inc., recognized the urgent need for project-management software that was easy to use and as readily available on the jobsite as it was in the office. The company says its clients—owners and construction professionals—were frustrated by the outdated, legacy software solutions that were available. From this frustration, PMWeb was born.

PMWeb is an enterprise level, software application that was specifically built to run efficiently on the Web. It can be fully used on any device with a browser and is zero-footprint, meaning there is nothing for the user to install or maintain.

The solution is modular and can take any project from planning and development, through its construction, and then to its operation. Primary functions include portfolio planning, estimating, procurement, forms management, cost management, scheduling, asset management, and document management. Because the modules are directly integrated, duplicate data entry is eliminated, saving hours of drudgery and potential transcription errors. Even more, because PMWeb is a single sign-on application, data dashboards provide comprehensive overviews at portfolio level with the ability to quickly drill down to any data point in the system.

PMWeb Workflow enables collaboration with partners. The software also features efficient integration with other systems such as accounting software, ERP (enterprise-resource planning), and CRM (customer-relationship management), via user configured flat files and an API (application programming interface).

In addition to the product’s capabilities, the company also has a good vision for the future of construction. Here is another fact: 22% of PMWeb’s operating budget goes to research and development and a full 40% to client services. This demonstrated focus on meeting clients’ needs is why enterprises such as Harvard, General Electric, and the City of New York rely on PMWeb.

With a good product that serves a broad client base, along with an executive team that understands both technology and the needs of the industry, this company is prepared for the future.

Product Offerings:

  • Asset/Equipment Management
  • Cost Management
  • Document Management
  • Planning
  • Project Management
  • Scheduling


  • Offers easy-to-use, modular product
  • Development is client driven
  • Decades of industry experience


  • Continue to grow with client partners
  • Respond quickly to changes in the workspace and in technology
  • Provide economical solutions that work