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“PMWeb recognizes the industry needed an all-in-one solution for the plan, build, and operate lifecycle. The result is a company and product that understands and serves the industry and meets a unique need.” —Constructech editors

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Prior to 2007, PMWeb identified there was a need in the market for an all-in-one, Web-based construction project management solution that would cover the entire plan, build, and operate lifecycle. PMWeb was built from the ground-up by engineering and construction professionals to bring to market a fully integrated single database solution. That eliminated the need for companies to piece together various systems.

PMWeb comprises a team of software professionals that recognized a need among construction and facility management clients. The result is a comprehensive, integrated solution that runs on any device with a browser and is modular, meaning users can tailor it to work the way they work. Furthermore, PMWeb’s features are all integrated with a single sign-on, automatic notification of collaboration and deadlines—all without duplicate data entry and full audit trail.

Some of the key differentiators of PMWeb include an all-in-one solution for the plan, build, and operate lifecycle, a visual workflow with automated process management, and business intelligence for clients. In the past year alone, it has continued improvements to the user interface, expanded functionalities in the BIM module, enhanced collaboration tools, and launched a resource management module for managing labor and equipment resources, among others.

The company recognizes that the demands of project management—including the need for access to realtime data and reporting—can be challenging today. Thus, it aims to address this with what it offers.

Today, the product is in use by some of the largest and most prestigious private and public-sector organizations such as CBRE, Carnegie Mellon University, the City of San Diego, John Hopkins School of Medicine, and Atlanta Intl. Airport, just to name a few.

With a good product that serves the plan, build, and operate lifecycle, along with an executive team that understands both technology and the needs of the industry, this technology company is prepared to help deliver innovative solutions for the industry in the future.

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