In an age where consumers leverage technology to find businesses and businesses leverage technology to find customers, it makes sense that consumer-facing processes in the residential construction industry would follow a similar trajectory.,, Seattle, Wash., capitalizes on the need to connect homeowners with home-improvement professionals, while satisfying the desire of homeowners for this connection to happen online. Porch offers a network that helps homeowners make the best decisions about their home-improvement projects by connecting them with professionals, offering design inspiration, and providing a platform to manage their projects.

Recently, the company announced it reached a landmark; the Porch network now exceeds 2.8 million professionals. This is nearly double the number of professionals that were part of the network a year ago. Additionally, has announced a new service offering: Pro Dashboard.

Pro Dashboard gives Porch network professionals who have a Porch business account access to new data and insights. Specifically, the company will now offer profile analytics and the ability to track and manage calls and emails from potential customers via the Homeowner Contacts feature. Additional marketing and analytics tools will soon be available to Porch Premium members, such as a Homeowner Watchlist, which enhances professionals’ ability to maintain relationships with past clients, and Competitive Insights, which provides insight into how professionals stack up against their competitors.

By adding features and functionalities that leverage data, the company joins one of many technology providers that is helping its customers make critical business decisions. With data in hand, construction professionals can become more competitive, and, ultimately, grow their businesses.

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