Project management from the construction field is essential in today’s business climate. And technology is definitely keeping pace with the construction industry’s needs in this area.

Take BuilderVue,, Bridgewater, N.J., a new construction project-management application for Web and tablets. Since its prerelease announcement in December, this solution has received feedback from homebuilders and construction companies alike. And the company says the product’s response has been so positive that it has moved up the release to April of this year.

“We have received overwhelming response for BuilderVue. In order to meet our customer demands, we now plan to launch our app sooner than the original plan,” says Asher Weinstein, director of marketing, BuilderVue.

With the recent increases in new construction, companies are turning to new technologies to increase productivity and decrease costly delays. As industry insiders know all too well, even minor delays can have enormous consequences. In the United States alone, these delays cost companies billions of dollars a year. BuilderVue gets to the root of the issue: helping builders to streamline their processes and collaborate with their crew on construction projects.

BuilderVue will come packed with features like project management, task management, issue tracking, work assignment, and document sharing. It will be a multi-tenant SaaS (software-as-a-service) application that will allow construction companies to sign up and manage construction projects for a small monthly fee. Application can be used on computers, iPads, and Android tablets. The company will be releasing a mobile phone version of the app for iPhone and Android smartphones in the later part of the year.

“Our focus with BuilderVue is to provide an app that uses latest technologies and makes project management from field very easy and effective,” Asher says. “That will make our app standout.”

While this is just one example, more construction software providers continue to come to market with new apps designed specifically for improving project management at the jobsite. Going forward, apps will be key to managing construction at the jobsite.