As the evolution in construction project management continues, builders and contractors should be demanding more from their solutions. No longer limited to a convenient way to manage items and documentation associated with a job, project-management technology continues to take on new roles within the construction project.

This trend is evident in the latest release of Corecon V7 from Corecon Technologies,, Huntington Beach, Calif. Corecon has long focused on building its complete construction software suite, which is designed for general contractors, builders, developers, engineering, and professional service firms, using the latest in Web-based technology. With modules for business development, estimating, bid management, contract administration, procurement, time tracking, document control, correspondence, and scheduling the solution has become engrained into nearly every business process of its end users.

The latest release of Corecon V7 focuses on the ability to manage some critical workflows associated with the construction process. For example, an update to the approval workflow on financial transactions, users can count on a single system to track the approval of financial documentation rather than dealing with multiple emails. Purchase orders (POs), bills, contracts, change orders, and progress invoices, among other documents, can be controlled more efficiently and with a direct means for approvals and an automated alert notification for documents that are approved or pending approval.

Perhaps one of the most appealing features of this latest release involves the tracking of actual costs for change orders. There has been a pointed focus lately from technology providers around the idea of streamlining the process of data flow amongst multiple systems, and this feature is one of the latest examples.

The ability to track, manage, and invoice changes orders is nothing new for Corecon V7 users. However, what this version allows is the ability for users to track actual costs and create reports for change orders to provide more accurate job cost reporting.

Time tracking contained within the solution allows authorized users to approve work time, while an equipment timecard feature gives contractors the ability to track equipment through the process of simultaneously entering time for multiple pieces of equipment.

All-in-all, this is simply a snapshot of the new enhancements added to Corecon V7. But overall this release is the latest demonstration that this is no longer only about ‘project management’ but instead about the full management of the construction project.