Increasingly construction companies are adopting in-house engineering software for use with managing complex projects. And often an independent system is optimal when dealing with multiple consultants in different geographies, all which require immediate access to project information and the latest version of documents.

Aconex,, San Francisco, Calif., has recently been engaged by Belo Sun Mining Corp.,, Toronto, Ont., for engineering on the Volta Grande Project, a gold mine in Pará State, Brazil.

Belo Sun, a Canada-based mineral exploration company, is currently using the Aconex platform to manage information and processes for a feasibility study of the project, and plans to extend deployment to the tendering and construction phases throughout the next year.

Why Aconex? Ian Pritchard, COO (chief operating officer), Belo Sun, says the company selected Aconex because of its successful track record on large mining projects in Canada. Additionally, Pritchard notes the platform’s cloud-based neutrality of access for different organizations, ease of use, security, and cumulative audit trail as key advantages.

This technology creates a single historical record of what’s been sent, what’s been received, what updates have been made, and what’s been approved—with names, times, and dates.

While this is just one example, a number of large construction projects are using technology to manage project data throughout the course of the project. The question remains: How are you using technology to improve project management?