With the advent of sophisticated software to enable BIM (building information modeling) and IPD (integrated project delivery), the industry today needs a way to collaborate, share documents, and manage the design and construction process.

One way is by using the new cloud-based Project Trek from Deltek Axium, www.deltek.com, Herndon, Va. Project Trek allows for collaboration, document and construction management, and electronic bidding through a Web platform that can be quickly and securely accessed based on project role. Contractors can have digital access to files such as RFIs (requests for information), RFCs (requests for comments), submittals, and change orders during the design and construction process, with version controls and remote access.

The technology also eliminates the effect of groups working in silos by maintaining a central repository where current files can be accessed by everyone contributing to the project. The excess costs associated with the time, resources, and printing of multiple bid packages is also reduced.

The software is additionally delivered in a SaaS (software-as-a-service) format, meaning the construction field benefits due to eliminated additional hardware or software investment, as well as any added burden on a firm’s IT resources.

With this type of accessibility from mobile devices, contractors can perform remote uploads to get information into the hands of those who need it quickly, including field reports with photos and descriptions of project site details.