It’s hard to find an industry today that does not use technology in some way, shape, or form. For years, the construction industry was considered a laggard, preferring tried-and-true methods over new technologies; but these misconceptions are changing. Construction project owners are increasingly looking to technology to help smooth project workflow, and they are finding success in doing so.

In Dallas, Texas, there is a fast-growing restaurant chain with big construction plans for 2012. This franchise, MOOYAH,—home of the “Better Burger” and the “no dud spud”—has more than a dozen restaurants under construction, with 50 to 60 more U.S. locations expected to break ground in 2012.

In order to best harness this rapid growth rate, the company announced this week it will leverage Projectmates construction-management software by Systemates,, Dallas, Texas. Projectmates offers a secure, Web-based software solution and collaborative platform that can improve project execution by reducing costs and delays, increasing accountability, and reducing risk.

MOOYAH says it will use the construction-management software to manage the entire restaurant-construction process—from site selection though design, construction, and the grand opening. By acting as a central information hub, cloud-based solutions for the project lifecycle can house key information needed by disparate team members. In the case of a franchise restaurant, this includes training guides for food preparation and store maintenance.

MOOYAH says it will also leverage Projectmates’ mapping feature, which can plot projects on a map, so owners can visually see which projects are complete, in progress, and overdue. Thanks to the technology solution, MOOYAH hopes to make true its mission—to deliver a great “burger and fry experience.”

Another project owner, Nationwide Mutual Insurance,, Columbus, Ohio, has also turned to technology to help manage its construction projects. This week, Nationwide announced it is working with Skire,, Menlo Park, Calif., a provider of cloud-based solutions to manage the lifecycle of its corporate real-estate portfolio.

Nationwide says it has deployed Skire’s Unifier IWMS (Integrated Workplace Management Systems) solution to replace a number of disparate and internally developed solutions. Skire’s solution provides visibility into the construction-management process, including tools that support initial planning stages, project execution, and ongoing operations, maintenance, and real-estate management.

Specifically, the Unifier IWMS solution provides project controls, document management, bid management, cash-flow forecasting, work order management, lease management, and space management, among other functionalities.

Project owners who employ software solutions set themselves up for success, due to more streamlined, often paperless, workflow and realtime communications.