With many construction companies employing fleet and asset management solutions, a lot of data is created. Sometimes the biggest challenge can be using the data in the most efficient way possible. A new partnership aims to simplify the use of data, bringing it into enterprise systems.

Viewpoint Construction Software, www.viewpointcs.com, Portland, Ore., announced it will include Navman Wireless, www.navmanwireless.com, Glenview, Ill., in its Development Partner Program. Navman focuses on providing fleet and asset management technologies. The company’s GPS-based fleet management products include realtime vehicle tracking and analytics, allowing customers a detailed look into how fleet vehicles are being used.

For instance, fleet managers can see where vehicles are located at any given time, and they can be alerted of issues like unnecessary idling or overtime use. Contractors can use this data to make sure fleets are operating at their most efficient level, including heavy equipment operations.

By combining with Viewpoint Construction Software, customers will have access to construction management solutions that can work with the fleet and asset data. Information gathered from vehicles and assets will flow from the field to the office, where it can be used in enterprise systems.

Helping customers to make better use of data is a theme for Viewpoint Construction Software. In June, the company announced Zonar, www.zonarsystems.com, Seattle, Wash., would become part of its Viewpoint Development Partner Program.

Zonar provides electronic vehicle inspection, GPS tracking, and remote diagnostics, and the partnership allows contractors to gather equipment data from the job and share it with Viewpoint’s software, performing tasks such as creating maintenance work orders, calculating job costs, reducing rental dependencies, and providing estimates.

By partnering with companies focused on using data effectively, Viewpoint Construction Software is helping customers learn more about their assets. Understanding how vehicles and other equipment are used is key to shaving dollars from the bottomline.