Construction companies thrive on the ability to move information quickly and efficiently among project participants. When a team functions as a cohesive unit, a construction project is more likely to reach its potential in terms of quality and on-time delivery. When a project involves high-stakes capital projects, the benefits of adopting technology that will streamline communication and encourage collaboration are numerous.

From bids and drawings to contracts, reports, and schedules, the ability to access project documents in realtime is crucial to a construction company’s workflow. Since the sheer number of documents it takes to fulfill a capital project is unlikely to change, the industry must learn to find new ways to manage these documents in a way that maximizes resources. For many project owners, cloud-based technology is the solution.

Qatar Railways,, Doha, Qatar, the company behind the Qatar Rail Program, has drawn the same conclusion. The company is working with Aconex,, San Bruno, Calif., to host an electronic document-management system for its massive rail project, which the company says is one of the largest infrastructure developments in the Middle East.

Because of Qatar’s burgeoning population, the program aims to create an integrated transportation network that will support the area’s growth demands. The Qatar Rail Program will consist of a metro system, a long-distance passenger and freight system, and a light-rail transit system.

Thanks to the scale and complexity of the project, along with its challenging schedule, Qatar Railways says it needed a reliable solution that could be implemented quickly. Aconex, a provider of project-collaboration solutions for industries such as construction and infrastructure, offers the Aconex Online Collaboration Platform, which supports not only document management, but also process control and other tools to help manage project information among multiple parties.

Aconex says its collaboration platform provides a place where any and all project participants can go for up-to-date information about the rail project, including an audit trail of actions and decisions. Through close collaboration with the Qatar Rail Program, the solution was configured to suit Qatar Railways’ specific project needs.

When it comes to managing documents, data, and processes throughout the lifecycle of a capital construction project, cloud-based technology that can streamline workflow can not only reduce resource costs, it can reduce risk. With less risk and more tools for success, a construction company is better poised to pull off a capital project on budget and on time.