Construction companies often struggle with what to do with leftover building material. Should it be thrown away or recycled? Can it be reused in other ways? One solution aims to help workers understand where various materials left over from construction should be recycled.

Construction Specialties,, Lebanon, N.J., provides commercial building products to construction companies. The company is working with Earth911,, Scottsdale, Ariz., which focuses on issues related to recycling and low waste. Together, the companies have introduced a tool called Construction Specialties’ Recycling Locator. Earth911 provides its Recycling Directory containing locations throughout the United States.

The product is designed to help identify recycling solutions for commercial building products. For instance, a user would access the tool online and select a type of material such as adhesive, doors, or stainless steel.

After entering a zip code or allowing the tool to access the user’s current position using geolocation, the tool produces the closet recycling options for the material. Each spot is viewable on a map.

The goal is to help users conveniently and properly dispose of materials. In construction, materials are sometimes used that are more difficult to properly recycle. Some of the additional materials included in the tool are aluminum, polyester curtains, latex paint, and mastic primer.

Construction Specialties says it is providing the tool for the industry in the hope of keeping construction materials out of landfills. The availability of the tool over the Web makes it easy to access from PCs, tablets, and smartphones, so users can check the status of recycling centers on the go. By providing help with recycling questions, products like the Recycling Locator are encouraging green practices in the construction industry.