Technology is increasingly a priority for building owners and facility managers that need to keep an eye on operational efficiency. Control and automation technologies in particular empower owners and managers to reduce energy use and maintain their bottomline throughout a structure’s lifecycle.

A new solution designed with commercial buildings in mind was released this week by Honeywell,, Morris Township, N.J. The company introduced a series of BACnet and ZigBee wireless mesh communicating thermostats, including the TB7200, TB7300, and TB7600 models.

The new units integrate with Honeywell’s WEBs-AX building-automation systems. The company says the new lineup of thermostats includes models for rooftop units, heat pump and zoning applications, and fan coil applications for hotel and commercial use cases.

The wireless communication thermostats allow facility managers to maintain and view their thermostats from one central location, encouraging an energy-efficient use of resources and a simple approach to building management. Energy savings is a top priority for owners today, and building-automation systems can help facility managers better manage energy usage.

According to Honeywell, the TB7200, TB7300, and TB7600 models also feature integrated advanced-occupancy functionality, a comprehensive scheduling feature that allows for remote monitoring, quick and easy set up, and a multi-function auxiliary output.

By investing in technologies that can help control energy costs in buildings, owners, operators, and facility managers can not only save money, but can also contribute to more sustainable living and business practices.