The tablet has changed how the construction industry does business, however now as the world of connected devices is beginning to blur, tablets and laptops are becoming more closely aligned.

Consider a new tablet from Jide Technology,, El Monte, Calif., which brings the best of both worlds together. Last month, at CES, Jide Technology announced the launch of the Remix ultra-tablet, running the Remix OS, into the U.S. market. The Beijing-based technology company, which was started by three ex-Googlers, introduced the product to provide better mobile productivity.

The Remix ultra-tablet combines a laptop and tablet in one, bringing together a touchscreen with a magnetically connected full-size keyboard cover. The device also runs Jide’s proprietary Remix OX, which ‘remixes’ Android into an experience familiar to PC and touchscreen users.

Jeremy Chau, cofounder, Jide, says, mobile device shipments are increasing and Android is the dominant OS, but still needs work. “Android has limitations that can really affect productivity, especially for big screen devices,” he says. “And most tablets don’t really meet the needs of a working environment, so there is a gap in the market for an affordable tablet that actually boosts productivity.”

David Ko, CEO and cofounder, Jide, explain it this way in a recent interview on The Peggy Smedley Show, “People look at tablets as leisure, for entertainment only, but then they’re not doing any work … Why?” He views this as a real problem and sees his Remix tablet as the solution.

Remix OS is based on Android 4.4.2 and takes Android—an open-source, mobile OS—and optimizes it for bigger screens while supporting PC, keyboard, and mouse habits. It is ultimately designed to provide a familiar PC experience in an Android environment.

According to the company, the Remix ultra-tablet offers the power and functionality of a laptop with the simplicity and adaptability of a tablet. The product targets Millennials, students, and Golden Boomers.

While this is one recent example, the world of computing is changing, as the tablet has shaped how both consumers and businesses access data. An ultra-tablet, such as this one, provides the productivity capabilities of a PC, combined with the convenience of a tablet.

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