Site monitoring is an important part of managing a construction project. Technology can ease this process, giving site managers the ability to remotely monitor works in progress, construction equipment, and even employees while they are on the job.

This week at the World of Concrete tradeshow in Las Vegas, Nev., EarthCam,, Hackensack, N.J., unveiled its 700 MegapixelCam Robotic—a panoramic camera capable of documenting small and large-scale construction projects.

After panning an entire jobsite and capturing a series of high-definition images, EarthCam says the system will stitch the images together to form a panorama. Unique to this system is its ability to capture wide-angle and tall portrait views from a single camera, and without distortion.

The solution is powered by EarthCam’s Control Center 7 Webcam SaaS (software as a service), which delivers hosted infrastructure and eliminates the need for additional IT services. The camera is designed for outdoor use, and can be programmed to pan and capture images 24/7.

GMs (general managers) and other project team members can view live streaming video of a construction site, or take snapshots of a project in progress at any time and from anywhere. According to EarthCam, the solution can securely archive and distribute large images, along with pertinent weather and project data.

For those concerned with the quality of the photographs, the EarthCam solution offers remote access to camera settings such as white balance, exposure compensation, and HDR (high dynamic range) imaging.

Best of all, a remote-monitoring system installed on a jobsite can give construction professionals the peace of mind of knowing they can look in on a project at any time and document progress accordingly. By acting as a remote “eye,” jobsite-security solutions can not only save time and money, it can improve overall project management.