Big data is not a small trend. For the construction industry, data tracking is key. From project planning to the project close, both structured and unstructured data is being generated and recorded for each construction project.

Software continues to evolve, including GivenHansco,, Columbus, Ohio, Keystone FX reporting software, which allows ready-mix producers to pull vital data from the Keystone Accounting and Dispatch suite, and dynamically link data to Microsoft Excel to create convenient, customized, and reliable reports.

This industry-specific financial reporting suite takes advantage of data from the user’s entire operation—combining all levels of data into Excel templates for flexible report productivity. Keystone FX is a simple, yet sophisticated tool for making customized financial statements and balance sheets. And FX simplifies the creation of reports on the whole Keystone suite including: general ledger, accounts payable, payroll, sales, and dispatch.

Starting with pre-built templates, Keystone users simply hit the ‘Create Report’ button for reports that are quickly created and opened in Excel. By leveraging in-house Excel expertise, reports can be customized and extra features such as charts and pivot tables can be quickly added based on their desired parameters.

Additionally, the company’s new Keystone On-Demand Mobile App provides live business intelligence to ready-mix sales personnel, plant managers, and owners in the field.

Designed by GivenHansco in-house from the ground up, On-Demand is written for and compatible with most iPad and Android devices. The app is focused on the essential tasks that mobile employees need to accomplish. And On-Demand is responsive and easy-to-use with a clean, modern design. Finally, the app leverages the vast array of data from the Keystone Office Suite yet doesn’t overwhelm the user with information overload.

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