Managing construction resources effectively leads to a better bottomline. Today, technology is advancing, giving contractors the ability to schedule and manage resources on mobile devices and view available resources in realtime.

At the end of last week, ToolWatch,, Englewood, Colo., announced it is launching its new field application and updated RFID (radio-frequency identification) interface. The new field app is built on the iOS platform and is compatible with iPhone, iPod, and iPad devices.

With the application, jobsite supervisors and field managers are able to search for details about tools and equipment; update status or other critical information; move equipment or materials to a different jobsite; and verify resources assigned to specific users.

The company says devices can also become an integrated scanning device with a newly designed sled, which includes a magnetic card reader that can be incorporated with employee identification cards or badges.

The technology communicates with the ToolWatch database so users can see everything about a piece of equipment—from the location, to service and maintenance, to the last person to touch the item.

These types of advances in construction technology will allow the industry to move processes forward, and eliminate much of the time consuming, manual data entry on a job.

As another example, Viewpoint Construction Software,, Portland, Ore., announced its latest version of Viewpoint V6 Software, which includes improved service-management functionality.

The new drag-and-drop Dispatch Board gives service contractors a way to view available resources to perform that work. Users can also easily schedule work orders that are coming up. New features include work-order quoting, agreement revenue deferral, work-order tasking, and flat price work orders.

Technology providers are continuing to advance software to allow the construction industry to better schedule and manage resources. The end result will be more efficient business processes.