It’s a meeting of the minds: By integrating OxBlue,, Atlanta, Ga., construction cameras into Lx Projects—Lucernex’s,, Plano, Texas, project-management module for its retail platform—both companies’ clients will benefit from high-definition jobsite images delivered in a secure cloud-based project-management system.

The project-management partnership makes sense for construction, as both offerings provide tools for managing retail construction projects. Integrating the solutions enables the companies to offer clients an even more beneficial solution.

OxBlue’s construction cameras allow clients to view high-definition images and time-lapse construction movies of their projects on laptops, smartphones, and tablets 24/7 anywhere there is Internet access. Project stakeholders can view jobsites in realtime and monitor progress without traveling to the site. And Lx Projects provides cloud-based retail construction project management that speeds up project delivery and decreases overall project cost. Both solutions increase project transparency, helping to reduce costly errors and delays.

In fact, this active management approach will expedite the entire construction timeline, allowing retailers to open stores even faster.

OxBlue construction cameras and time-lapse construction video technology have been changing for more than 12 years, helping to increase efficiency and reduce cost and risk. Integration with Lx Projects gives retail construction professionals the ability to store information in one location.

Partnering with OxBlue to incorporate jobsite images into Lx Projects further enables collaboration between project managers, general contractors, and senior management throughout all phases of a retail construction project.

While this is one example, a number of technology providers are coming together in order to provide the construction industry with solutions to improve collaboration.