With green initiatives on the rise, BSD (Building Systems Design), www.bsdsoftlink.com, Atlanta, Ga., makes revisions to 116 specification sections related to sustainable design for architects and engineers.

For many years, the BSD SpecLink-E (BSD specification production system) has supported the LEED (leadership in energy and environmental design) rating systems by the USGBC (U.S. Green Building Council). The latest sustainability update of BSD supports USGBC’s recent green-rating system as well as green initiatives such as the Green Globes project developed by the nonprofit Green Building Initiative.

Design issues are organized by BSD into five categories which include location, design phase, post-construction, design embodiments, and contract documents. Each category contains different requirements. Location includes requirements intrinsic to the location of the building. The design phase covers topics related to activities used during project design. The post-construction category includes occupancy issues. The design-embodiment category is for all performance issues. The final category, named contract documents, covers requirements explicitly included on drawings or in specifications.

BSD places the sustainable design requirements in each applicable specification section rather than placing them together in a single section, for this allows BSD to address issues independently of which rating system is being used on a project.

The BSD SpecLink-E is built on a relational database where they have more than 170,000 “intelligent links,” where live data can be immediately passed to hyperlinks. The “intelligent links” help to edit project specifications based on decisions made by the user. Through the activation of Section 01 3329 – Sustainable Design Reporting, users can select the desired rating system, make further choices from the options presented, and the built-in links will automatically activate related provisions in other specification sections. Once all necessary specification sections have been edited, the system can print a submittals report that lists all sections in the project requiring submittal of sustainable design documentation.

Subscribers to the BSD SpecLink-E can automatically download and install hundreds of paragraphs involved in this sustainability update through a new software feature. Rather than quarterly updates that replace the entire master database, BSD’s system allows users the option to have updates downloaded as frequently as daily or to download and apply all available updates to the master database in minutes. BSD is changing the construction industry with its innovations that increase efficiency.