A methanol production complex in Beaumont, Texas, scheduled to begin with the first phase of construction in November, will leverage IoT (Internet of Things) technologies to help realize process efficiencies and reduce costs throughout the lifecycle of the project.

Atlas RFID Solutions, www.atlasrfid.com, a provider of field mobility and auto-ID solutions for the industrial construction industry, has announced engineering and construction company OEC (Orascom E&C), www.orascom.com, has selected its Jovix material control system for the Natgasoline complex in Beaumont. Jovix combines Web-based server software with mobile and auto-ID technologies to ensure decisionmakers can access key project data in the field.

Atlas RFID says the Jovix solution will also automate manual paper-based data collection processes, which can go a long way in creating a more efficient workflow. Leveraging server and mobile device software, rugged barcodes, and rugged field tablets, the solution will help project owners and participants throughout the project supply chain manage incoming shipments, material receiving, material requests, storage, material location, and issuing on the project site.

In a project as large as the Natgasoline complex, which Atlas RFID says will be the largest U.S. methanol production plant to date, having the right materials at the right time can add up to huge time savings. Helping to keep the project on schedule will be one important way the technology creates ROI (return on investment).

Throughout the multi-year project, the Jovix solution will create both tangible and intangible value for the Beaumont complex by helping project managers make better, more informed decisions in realtime. In many industries, the IoT is similarly transforming the way companies do business by increasing efficiency and reducing operation costs.

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